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Patchole Herbs - Liz Lillicrap, Medical Herbalist & Reflexologist

Patchole Herbs is located in North Devon, with clinics held in North Devon and home visits by arrangement in West Somerset.

Herbal Medicine aims to treat the whole person rather than the symptoms, based on the idea that all cells, tissues and organs of the body are connected and do not act independently.

It is used to prevent illness and to treat acute and chronic illnesses affecting most body systems.

Medicines are dispensed as teas, tinctures, capsules, inhalations, creams, ointments, pessaries, suppositories etc. and these are made from a particular part of the plant-leaf, flower, root, bark, fruit - whichever contains the active constituents.

LIZ LILLICRAP, Medical Herbalist
BSc (Hons) Phyt., MNIMH, MCPP

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