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Typical Consultation...

The first consultation will last up to one and a half hours. In this time a full case history will be taken, which will include medical history, medication, diet, lifestyle and family medical history. Patients should bring a list of current medication including vitamin or herbal supplements, together with results of any recent laboratory tests.

The herbalist may undertake simple physical examinations such as blood pressure readings or urine analysis.

At the end of the consultation the practitioner will discuss the assessment with you, outlining the treatment plan including nutrition and lifestyle. An individual prescription will be prepared for collection or postage. Practitioners are trained to work with doctors' prescriptions, so your herbal medicines will be chosen to avoid interaction with any current medication.

If the practitioner considers further tests are required, referral may be made to your GP.

A 30 minute follow-up appointment is arranged normally 2 weeks later when the progress and prescription is reviewed. Thereafter appointments will be arranged according to requirements.

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